This was my first natal chart reading ever and I really enjoyed it! Jana was well-prepared and provided resources that I could look back on in the future. I love that Jana discussed tangible techniques and ideas that I could use in my day to day life and I left feeling so empowered and understood! (: – AB

This was my first time ever exploring this, and what I appreciated the most about it was how honest it was. This didn’t feel fake or staged, it felt very authentic and genuine. I never felt like I was getting a roundabout or planned answer or anything like that, it was very refreshing. I enjoyed how you were able to explain to someone like me who literally has no clue about astrology everything about my chart and you were very patient with me. I didn’t feel rushed or belittled, I felt very free and comfortable with sharing with you. Thank you for holding that space for me. Additionally, this was much needed for me and where I’m at. A lot of what I’m experiencing and how I’m feeling about myself and others now makes so much more sense. I’ve been craving this sense of reality and you gave it to me when I wasn’t expecting it! Thank you so much! – A satisfied client

I’m so happy that I had Planet Crab read my chart for me. I’ve been intrigued by astrology for ages and I’m a long-standing user of apps like The Pattern and Co-Star, but Jana’s reading offered a much more illuminating experience in 30 minutes than those apps have done for me in years. – A happy client

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