Websites for Planetary Movements and Chart Making – for those of y’all that are more advanced. great to look at a variety of different charts. would highly recommend creating an account so you can save your chart and others. hit the three bar button in the top left > Free Horoscopes > Horoscope Drawings and Data > Extended Chart Selection – i love this site! the tools are a little more fun; there’s a Moon Phase Calendar, a Gardening Moon Calculator, and Numerology Calculator (+more). this was a sight i used often when i first started to understand chart interpretation because they have nice descriptions for each transit or natal chart placement. also recommend creating an account here too. – i use this site when i want to look at a celebrity’s chart real quick but i don’t have all their info. it’s a simple layout but one thing they do a great job of is listing the aspects and showing shapes in the chart.

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