My name is Jana, and I am a visual artist, writer, and Hoodoo astrologer.

I believe in practicing astrology that is relevant to one’s cultural background and worldview. This allows for one to develop their own sense of richness, beauty, self reflection, and connection to the divine as it relates to their human experience.

My astrology is informed by my ancestral spiritual practice and lived experience as a Black femme descended from enslaved African people in the US South. The Hoodoo Society defines Hoodoo perfectly; it is “a tradition, a generational heirloom that is simultaneously medicine, magic, and religion. Born on North American soil to African parents, Hoodoo is a system of survival, adaptation, resistance and reclamation.” Hoodoo is an ever evolving practice of accessibility; a culmination of gathered material and knowledge in the immediate and close surroundings to “conjure up worlds beyond our current existence.”

Planet Crab is a vessel/vehicle for my studies, as I seek to understand and actualize how the human-cosmic relationship directs us on the path to liberation and building new worlds that allow us to fully embody our truths and purposes with ease and delight.

As a part of this work, I highly emphasize and elevate the establishment of a consistent outdoor practice, whereby you go outside, engage with the environment and elements, and sky watch to orient yourself in space and time.

I use the Placidus and whole sign house systems and enjoy bouncing between the Tropical and Sidereal zodiacs to gain a full picture of who/what I’m attempting to understand, whether it’s a person, an event, period of time, etc. Out of all the books, articles, Twitter threads, podcasts, videos, and workshops held by astrologers, living my life and remaining open to receiving knowledge from my ancestors, Spirit, and the world around me have been my best teachers. There are connections and synchronicities everywhere that deserve my (our) attention, and my writing reflects this process.

My goal with my readings and consultations is to act as a mirror and hold a space for reflection of what you already know about yourself. To highlight your own divinity and knowledge bearing, and bring it to the surface.

I find it particularly fascinating to study the natal charts of my family members to understand how to best communicate with them, gain a better understanding of what generational triumphs and traumas exist within my lineage, and how to approach the ways they show up in my life appropriately. As a huge fan of celebrating birthdays, I thoroughly enjoy looking at solar return charts as they provide a closer picture of our lives on a micro level.

I currently work and reside in Oakland, CA, USA, as a proud 4th generation inhabitant.

I’ve lived many lifetimes, and intend on living many more. If you would like to follow more of my creative work in this lifetime, find me at janamalkia.com. [If the website link does not work, I am in the process of editing it.] 

If you would like to monetarily support me and my work, my information is as follows: 

Venmo: @planetcrab

Cash App: $planetcrab

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